Be careful on where you buy a down quilt!

Posted by Shane Grimwade on
Be careful on where you buy a down quilt!


There is so much nonsense coming from various sellers and manufacturers of down quilts out there.

Take this product for instance:

Where to start? First why would a German company not use higher quality goose downs available within Europe which are at a lower price than the small amount of down available from Canada at a much higher price?

The thread count wont be 400, even the highest quality German Batiste fabric we use in our Ultra Light range of quilts is set at 386. The 400 thread count fabric they claim is not a Batiste and if it was down fibre would leak from it if they use the 80% Goose down.

An 80% Goose down no matter which country it is from will never have an 800+ fill power, at best it would be around 550-600.

The fill weight of this quilt in the King size as an example has 880 grams, in the 80% "Canadian" Goose down is approximately a 2.5 blanket warmth not the 5 blanket they claim. 10.5 TOG is an equivalent to a 5 blanket, so you think you would be getting and paying for an all seasons 5 blanket warmth quilt but what you will get is a 2.5 blanket warmth Summer quilt. It wont be any good for Winter and specifically -2 degrees, its more suited for 12-25 degrees.

To be a 5 blanket warmth that they claim in this down filling it would need to have around 1400 grams not just 880 grams.

One customer points out "It does has that characteristic down smell however, so using it in an airy bedroom is recommended." If it is high quality it wont smell, the smell pointed out here comes from bacteria.

But they are not the only ones. There is so much rubbish being sold on eBay, information that should be provided is missing, claims of an $80 quilt having a 700 fill power, Hungarian Goose down but it comes from China, its all nonsense.

If you want the highest quality quilt made purely from European sourced downs, ethically sourced, made here in Australia by a family owned business for over 30 years then there is only one place to get them, us, Supreme Quilts.


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