The different fabrics we use for our quilts and pillows.

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The different fabrics we use for our quilts and pillows.

At Supreme Quilts we do offer a much larger range of options when it comes to buying a quilt or pillow.

We dont just stop at the 12 different down or feather and down choices or the 7 different blanket warmth options, the 7 different quilt sizes, 3 density options for our pillows etc. We also have several options when it comes to the fabric used.

Most manufacturers be it China, Australia or Europe use the industry cotton japara. This cotton japara can vary somewhat in its softness, texture or feel, its thread count can vary also. For the majority a 233 thread count is used. In most cases it is down proof and will a good wearing fabric. Some manufacturers do it on the cheap, usually its made in China with the attempt to keep the price down the quality ends up quite poor and noisy.

Unfortunately price usually will dictate what quality you will get.

For over 30 years we have used the 233 thread count fabric, in the last 5-6 years or so we have been using a very nice cotton japara, not noisy at all and feels quite soft to touch. This is the fabric we have used for the majority of our quilt range. The weight of this fabric is approximately 145 grams per sqm.

Prior the pandemic we introduced a German Ultra Soft fabric, this being made in Germany is a higher quality fabric with a 280 thread count. Its very soft to touch however it still weighs the same as the regular cotton japara. Unfortunately due to the pandemic we were only able to source a small supply in king and super king boxed cases. The ability to obtain this fabric in all sizes and styles became impossible. This fabric also weighs around 145 grams per sqm. Once this supply is exhausted its unlikely be continued.

For over 20 years we also had been make our ultra light range of quilts using a German Batiste TE100 fabric with a 266 thread count. This fabric weighs approx 30% less than the regular cotton japara at 108 grams per square metre. It is a very soft fabric and breathes better than the regular cotton japara. Its lightness also means slightly less down is required to generate the warmth levels so your quilt is lighter again. 

Finally we have the latest in the range of fabrics. Also a German Batiste but its made with Magic Touch. This is a Superior Down German Batiste TE270. This fabric weighs around 30% less than the German Batiste TE100 at only 69 grams per sqm. Its extremely light, very, very soft to touch and breathes better than any other down proof fabric. It has a thread count of 380 the highest in its range. This is the Rolls Royce of fabrics which we only use with the highest quality downs, the Snow Goose, Premium Polish Mother Goose, the 98-99% XXL Hand Select Polish Goose downs and the Icelandic Eiderdown. If you want the very best you can get this is it. It is second to none, not only in Australia but globally!

Changes are coming.

We have started change some of the things we do. The regular cotton japara fabric will gradually be fazed out. The reason for this is we recognise as most Australians do the reliance on supply of Chinese product needs to change. We prefer to not purchase Chinese made fabric. What this will mean however is our pricing will also gradually change.

To give you an idea on the cost difference with the fabrics, the Chinese made fabric for a queen size is around $35, the cost for the German made Batiste TE270 for a queen size is $245. The German Batiste TE100 is $130  for a queen size. Its a huge cost difference but we feel strongly about this and the need for change. Being German made does mean it is the highest of quality.

As of February (2023) you will notice a price abnormality in the queen size baffle boxed range. The Queen boxed cases are the first to run out in the regular cotton japara, so there are changes underway on our range for them. As other sizes run low we will switch them over too.

The regular cotton japara will gradually be replaced with the German Batiste TE100. Supreme Quilts already has Australia's largest range of quilts and pillows along with the highest quality, we do always try to improve so you get the best at the best prices possible.


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