Care Instructions and FAQ's

Q. What do you need to do with your quilt when it arrives?

A. When it arrives take it out of the packaging. Give it a good shake to get the air back into it. Usually and hour or two is needed to get it looking nice and fluffy again. No need to air it outside, no need to wash it. Just pop it on the bed and use it.

Q. How do I care for my quilt or pillow?

A. We suggest to flip the quilt from end to end every 2 weeks usually when you change your quilt cover. Doing this doubles the life of the quilt because you are using both ends of the quilt. It also prevents filling gravitating towards one end of the quilt.

Every 3 months air the quilt outside in the sunshine on a nice sunny day. This helps keep the down fluffy and fresh. Doing this at the end of each season is good time to remember to do this.

Q. Should I wash my quilt or dry clean it?

A. First we dont recommend dry cleaning a down quilt unless you have no alternative. Chemicals used for most dry cleaning dry out the natural oils in the filling which can cause it to break down quicker. Dry cleaning also has the chemical smell along with chemicals left in the quilt which we feel is not a good healthy choice.

We recommend washing a quilt. This should be done every 3 years maximum. Use a wool wash detergent. Drying is very important, a quilt ideally needs to go into a large industrial size drier preferably with a reverse action. Drying a down quilt usually takes around 2 hours. Household driers are not usually large enough to do this. Perhaps taking it to your local laundry mat will be the best option to dry it properly. If a quilt is not dried correctly it can dry lumpy.

Ideally you take it to a quilt cleaning specialist, some dry cleaners do washing. Check online for your local specialist. We know Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart and Adelaide have quilt cleaning specialists.

Q. Do I need more filling added?

A. The only reason you will need filling added is if the quilt is not warm enough or if the pillow has flattened out. Adding filling will make a quilt fluffier but it also will make it warmer. If you are happy with the warmth then don't get it topped up.

Q. How long will my quilt last?

A. A quilt can last for decades if looked after correctly. Most quilts last at least 10 years without care. The fabric used on the quilt usually lasts around 15-20 years if looked after correctly. If you dont get the quilt cleaned every 3 years your quilt will possibly only last 10 years before the fabric has deteriorated to the point of needing replacing and your body oils have taken the life out of the filling where it no longer can be rejuvenated and washing wont revive it.

Q. How do I store my quilt when I dont need it?

A. The best way to store a quilt is in either a calico bag or cotton bag, you can also wrap it in a sheet. If it is short term eg. over Summer, you can put it into a plastic bag like the one we send our quilts in, but only okay if it is for a few months. Do not vacuum pack it or squash it down. Doing this will damage the filling which means when you take it out again it wont fluff up as well as it should, you'll never get the same loft from the filling. Its why quilts from department stores and other manufacturers are mostly no good, they package them way too small and damage the down before you have even used it. Its why we send our quilts out as large as we can, so you have the best quilt you can get.

Q. If I send something in for alteration, extra filling or removing filling where do I send it?

A. Send returns to:

Supreme Quilts, Unit N2, 21 Beafield Road, Para Hills West SA 5096. Dont send items with signature on delivery. Pop your details and a message in with the item so we know who is sending it and what we need to do.