Industry Associates, brief supply history & Certificates of Authenticity

Supreme Quilts has for many years only associated our down supply from the very best European suppliers like Aro Artlander, Animex, Weidmann, Sanders of Germany, Slowinscy and Kamyk Daunen to name a few, for combined industry knowledge exceeding 200 years.

Many, many years ago we used to buy downs from a Melbourne feather down factory but gradually found the quality not upto the high standards that we expected and wanted to sell to consumers. The down supply became very questionable, it was compressed and had a bit of a smell to it and no proof of its origin was ever supplied. It just didnt look right.

Around 12 years ago we partnered with John Monteith the former owner of Dyne Quilts in Adelaide. John has almost 50 years of industry knowledge and has fast become a great mentor for myself and a huge knowledge base.

Animex is a new down supplier to us, Supreme Quilts is the only company purchasing these extremely high quality Polish Goose downs. New to us and Australia is the 95% White Premium Polish Goose down, 95% White Polish Mother Goose down and the most amazing 98-99% White Premium Hand Select Polish Goose down.

Aro-Artlander is considered second to none when it comes to the feather and down industry. Located in Germany this year they celebrate 100 years in the down industry. Its a company with 100 years of experience in bedding production and many decades of membership in the IDFB (International Down and Feather Bureau), we place great value on the quality of our products.

Slowinscy have been a supply partner for a short period of time but are one of the oldest Polish Goose down suppliers in Poland.

Weidmann have been providing premium fabrics for 115 years, they are second to none in this area, its why we are privileged to be using their very best fabrics for our quilts and pillows.

    For more information on any of these suppliers use these links:

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    Key reasons for selecting Artlander as our predominate European Goose and Duck down supplier is their traceability program.

    Traumpass Certified Quality

    IDFL guide to Australian Standards for Down and Feather products.

    Our certificates relating to the downs we import directly from Germany and Poland.