Cleaning is only available between Oct 1st and the end of March, the time when you are least likely to need your quilt.

You can drop your quilt into us on Thursday, Friday and Saturday's between 10am and midday only. Quilts can also be posted into us (DO NOT use signature on delivery). Speak to Australia Post on the costs to send items and the best way to send them .

We try to have your quilt cleaned ready to collect 1 week after you drop it into us. The same time line applies to items posted in, we usually have them for 1 week.

When an item is posted to us please include a note with your name, address and phone number along with a message telling us what service/s you want done.

All quilts are assessed, not all quilts can be cleaned due to age and deterioration. If a quilt has not been cleaned in the last 5 years of use then it is highly unlikely it can be salvaged. We cannot clean feather and down mattress toppers.

Quilt Cleaning (washing) Pricing (including wool quilts and underlays):

Single: $100  

Double: $110

Queen: $120

King: $130

Super King: $150

Quilt Cleaning + New Cotton Japara Casing Pricing:

Single: $170 (channel style only)

Double: $190

Queen: (unavailable)

King: $230 (channel style only)

Super King: $270

Pillow Cleaning (washing):

Standard Size Pillow $50 (includes new casing)

European and King Size Pillow $70 (includes new casing)

U-Shape $70 (clean and top-up) We cant put new casings on these

Continental $100 (clean and top-up) We cant put new casings on these

Top-up (adding more filling)

90% Polish Goose down $40 per 100 grams

95% Premium Polish Goose Down $60 per 100 grams

Other down options pricing is available on request.

New Cotton Japara Casing/Replace casing only:

Single: $90 (channel only) (boxed style: see German Batiste pricing)

Double: $100

Queen: (not available) (see German Batiste pricing)

King: $120 (channel only) (boxed style: see German Batiste pricing)

Super King: $140

New German Batiste/Replace German Batiste TE100 casing only:

Single: $200

Double: $250

Queen: $300

King: $350

Super King: $400

New German Batiste/Replace German Batiste TE270 casing only:

Single: $320

Double: $420

Queen: $500

King: $600

Super King: $820

We will only re-case or replace a casing if your quilt is less than 18 months old OR it has been cleaned recently. We wont re-case old quilts which have not been cleaned or are not clean. German Batiste cases can only be used on specific downs made by Supreme Quilts only.

We can offer FREE return delivery on items dropped into us provided they are paid for in full upon being dropped into us in the Adelaide Metro area only. Interstate return delivery is approximately from $40. Interstate customers, postage costs to send to us is at your cost as is the cost to return them.

Once your quilt or pillow is ready to leave us, I will give you a call regarding payment.

If your quilt cant be cleaned we do sell fantastic Goose and Duck down quilts and pillows to replace any old quilts and pillows you might have.

Contact phone hours are:

Thursday 10am to midday ACST

Friday 10am to midday ACST

Saturday 10am to midday ACST

No bookings required.

If you need any further information contact us on 08 8271 8586. We do NOT answer phone calls outside of these hours.

Sorry but messages left do not get checked, please phone back during the open hours above.

Delivery Address: Unit N2, 21 Beafield Road, Para Hills West SA 5096