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Each and every single item is made by myself and/or my wife, most order placed are processed upon order. This means you get a fresh new product rather than one that has sat on a shelf for months on end. This also means you get a fluffier product that therefore lasts much longer. Each product has a personalised label attached to it, personalised means I hand write or fill in the details of your individual product. We do this because its personal and due to us having around 1000 different products having mass produced labels for 1000 products is not cost affective. We use 1 generic label and fill the detail for the product you individually purchase.

Quilts usually take around 15-20 minutes to make so there is not a long wait time in processing. Again the product is usually made specifically for you.

The products are then packaged in our bright red re-usable bags which can be used for short term storage. They are then packed into a cardboard box for further protection, in some cases our pillows maybe sent securely and safely in our strong red bags to help reduce the postage costs which have risen significantly lately.


We only use European Class 1 EN12934 IDFL and IDFB certified downs. Our supply comes from a suppliers in Germany and Poland with RDS and Downpass DIN CERTCO certifications. Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification,


We recommend anyone considering buying elsewhere to ask the manufacturer to supply a Vet Health Certificate. This certificate will show the types of downs imported and from where they came from. It also will show various other requirements eg. non-live plucking. Supplying this document will prove that the filling is what is suggested and not an inferior Chinese product labelled as European. Upon request we supply a Vet Heath Certificate with any product we sell. This can be sent with the product or via email, again only upon request to save paper. This will be a copy of the original supplied initially to Australian Customs and Quarantine before being passed onto us. Each container we receive has another certificate supplied to us, this certificate applies to the products we make from that container. We do have a number of containers of downs arrive each year with various downs in them, this means some products made might be from containers received form the previous 1-3 years. Some downs sell faster than others. If other sellers or manufacturers refuse to send you a copy of the Vet Health Certificate don't buy from them, they obviously don't want to show you what they are actually selling! IDFL or IDFB membership is no representation of quality or where the downs are sourced.

One of our most recent Vet Health Certificate


Our down and feathers are not plucked from live animals. To ensure this we have committed ourselves to a traceability codex. But that's not all. We fully monitor the procurement of our down across all stages of processing and can therefore prove the origin of our products at any time - for the protection of animals as well as the benefit of society. As part of a traceability system, we document the procurement of all down and feathers. Audits carried out by independent testing and certification organisations control the business practices of the company on a regular basis.


Supreme Quilts use various European goose and duck downs, all have various fill power ratings. We only use the European method to calculate fill power, others use the USA method. The problem with the USA method is it distorts the figure, so you think you are getting something better when you are not. Take our Premium Polish Goose down as an example, it has a fill power of 850. If we were to convert this to the USA fill power rating it would have a fill power of 930. This system used is typical of the US and is much like the thread count con where fibres are counted as threads to beef up the number. What it essentially does is create confusion. What this all means is when most seller mention fill power its a US fill power rating  so as an example if they say it has an 900 fill power it is actually more like 800 at best. Its not the internationally preferred method. Only trust European fill power numbers.


Our down and feathers are not derived from live plucking. We have committed ourselves to this in the Traceability Codex.

But that's not all: We accompany the purchase of our downs seamlessly across all stages of processing and can always prove the origin of our goods - for the protection of animals and for the enrichment of society.

As part of a traceability system, we document the purchase of down and feathers.

Through audits, carried out by neutral testing and certification organizations, the operational practice of the companies is regularly monitored.

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) have become essential elements of Supreme Quilts and our supplier ARO® corporate governance.

At the same time, these elements include social, economic and ecological aspects of entrepreneurial activity, thus ensuring strategic corporate success .

quality guaranteed


Everybody has a different temperature at which they enjoy the ultimate night's sleep. Supreme Quilts have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 blanket warmth quilts and, if you and your partner prefers different levels of warmth, Supreme Quilts can custom make your quilt with one side warmer than the other by adjusting the levels of fill on each side.


As each winter ends and summer begins, your warmth requirements change and adjusting your quilt is essential. A channel quilt filled with down is easy to adjust by simply pushing the fill to the end of your bed for summer and back up for winter. Ideally its better to have a Winter quilt and a Summer quilt.


When you buy a quilt from Supreme Quilts, we give you a free adjustment. If you feel it is too warm or not warm enough simply post your quilt to us and we will add or remove some filling, so your quilt can be exactly how you want it. For new quilt purchases if the quilt isn't warm enough the adjustment is to add warmth we will add 1/2 a blanket warmth for Free additional filling will be at an additional cost, if the adjustment is to reduce the warmth we can remove as much filling as you like for Free, we cannot remove filling from a boxed style quilt only a channel quilt.

*Return postage costs apply.



      For an even filling and easy adjustment, by simply pushing the filling up for winter or back for summer, this style is highly recommended and considered to be the best construction. Flip or rotate the quilt from end to end to help keep the filling even and prevent it heading towards on end of the bed. Do this every 2 weeks.
    • BAFFLE BOXED These quilts need as much attention as a channel quilt. A boxed quilt needs to be rotated or flipped from end to end every 2 weeks. This means you are not only using both ends of the quilt but you are also preventing gravity feeding the filling towards one end of the bed. Unlike a channel quilt a boxed quilt can't be adjusted. The warmth is what it is. If filling moves in a boxed quilt it will be very difficult to move it back so rotating or flipping it often is more important.

      The higher the down quality, the more luxurious, light and long lasting your quilt will be.
    • PURE COTTON CASING 100% cotton "japara" fabric, allergy free and down proof, is used for re-casing and all new quilts. The cotton japara fabric will gradually be fazed out as we opt for the higher German Batiste fabric instead. Our quilts are also made approx 10cm longer and wider. This allows for variances in down types, down fluffiness and warmth variances which alters the height and therefore slightly alters the width and length. It also provides greater longevity in that it will fill out your quilt cover better and longer. 
    • GERMAN ULTRA SOFT is a new fabric we have added to our range. It has a slightly higher thread count as well as a very soft texture.


    For our lightweight quilts we use a baffle boxed and channel design with Magic Touch with a 386 Thread Count.  We use the best quality German Batiste TE270 100% Egyptian cotton fabric combined with 4 of the the best downs in the world, the 95% Snow Goose down® or the Icelandic Eiderdown. We now have 2 new Polish Goose downs for an even more exquisite luxurious quilt. We have the 95% White Polish Mother Goose down 900 fill power and the 98-99% White Premium Hand Select Polish Goose down.

    Again we are fazing out our cotton japara fabric on our other downs. This fabric will be replaced with the German Batiste TE100 fabric. Downs included here are the 95% Premium Polish Goose down, 90% Ukrainian Goose down and 90% Polish Goose down.


    Supreme Quilts mattress topper uses a boxed construction to help keep uniformity across the whole mattress. Down toppers allow all-year-round comfort as feather and down is a natural product which breathes better than synthetic filler and as well as wool.


    Soft, Medium or Firm Standard Pillows, King Pillows, European pillows.


    Proudly Australian Made and Australian Owned


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