Our latest Vet Health Certificates

Posted by Shane Grimwade on
Our latest Vet Health Certificates

For customers peace of mind we will always provide our Veterinary Health Certificates.

This document is a required document for Australian Customs and Quarantine. There is no exceptions, therefore ALL importers of downs has this document.

It shows the types of downs that have been imported and from which country and company they were imported from. They also show which company imported them and where they are located.

It also shows importantly right now that the downs are free from Avian Flu along with other known diseases. Sterilised at the highest of standards, specifically the strict Australian standards.

Once again I point out that we are the only Australian business that openly provides this document.

Why the others wont provide this is because they import downs from China and Vietnam then sell the product as "Hungarian" or Polish" or European". 

*shown are our February and March 2024 Vet Health Certs.

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