What are the differences between all the downs?

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What are the differences between all the downs?

Okay so you dont know which down to select. We have so many to choose from, which one is the best and why? Is Polish Goose down better than Hungarian Goose down. All common questions we get asked, so I will try to cover them all here.

Which down you select largely comes down to your budget. Basically the higher the fill power rating the more expensive the down costs. Below is a list of the downs we use, each mention the European fill power rating.

The best we have is The Altai Siberian Snow Goose down. It is the best due to the large clusters of down and the very high fill power of 850. Farmed from the Altai (Altay) Mountain region in Russia, in the Southern parts of the Siberian region. Large clusters retain warmth better so less filling is needed to create warmth, this makes a much lighter quilt. Supreme Quilts are the only company in Australia that has this filling, another seller is claiming Snow Siberian (switching the words around and walking a fine line!) this is not even close to Altai Siberian Snow Goose down. Beware of cheap imitations! We only use this down with our German Batiste Egyptian cotton to create the best you can get

Next best is the Polish Goose down, it has a fill power of 800 which is also very high. To me it is a clean filling, by this I mean the down clusters are large and predominant. Visually it does not look too different to the Siberian Snow Goose down, so if you need to peg the budget back a bit, go with this one.

Our new Hungarian Mother Goose down also has a fill power of 800, the price for each of these is very similar. Personally if I had to choose between the Polish and the Mother Goose I would go with the Polish, again for me it is a better filling.

You might find this surprising. The 4th best filling we have is the Muskovy Duck down. This filling has a fill power of 700. It is better than the Hungarian Goose down which people always automatically think is the best. Origin doesnt always guarantee quality. Muskovy duck down has been compared to that of the Eiderdown. Eiderdown is duck down which is a coloured/grey filling, its not white. The Muskovy duck down is also a coloured/grey filling, or more accurately its a half white filling. Half white is where half the downs are white and the other half are grey. The only difference between coloured/grey filling and white filling is just that, the colour, there is no other difference, other than price. The demand for half white filling is not as high as the demand for white filling, this means with Muskovy Duck down you get an excellent quality filling for a lower price. This filling is ideal if you are trying to keep to a budget but still gives you excellent quality. 

Next on our list is the Ukrainian Goose down. It also has a fill power of 700 but in my opinion the Muskovy looks a little better. The down are more predominant in the Muskovy than the Ukrainian. 

We then get to the Hungarian Goose down. This has a fill power of 650, this is still an excellent quality filling and is our most popular down, largely due to it historically being more commonly known. These days due to the larger demand for this filling the down cluster are smaller. Out of the Muskovy Duck down, Ukrainian and Hungarian Goose down I would pick the Muskovy, its better quality and its cheaper.

We have other European duck downs available, a 90% duck down (600 fill power), and other duck downs that we blend like the 85%, 50%, 30% (approx 360 fill power), 10% and at the low end of the quality scale 100% feather (approx 270 fill power). The fill power for each these start at 600 in the 90% duck down and scale down from there.

All of our downs are sourced from the best producing farms in Europe and Russia (Muskovy Duck down and Siberian Snow Goose down). All the fillings are a "green" auxiliary product, NO live plucking. Even the spring water used for washing is recycled which even extends as far as composting. All downs come with traceability and come with Veterinary Health Certificate. They all come from an IDFL certified Class 1 EN12934 Downpass Certified and Traumpass supplier. These certifications come with the strictest compliance standards, random inspections and guarantee the protection of Animals kept for Farming Purposes concerning correct animal husbandry.

We are the only company in Australia that has this large range of downs to make our quilts, pillows and toppers all made right here in Adelaide Australia.

Pictured: Our 95% duck down compared to one of our competitors "Hungarian Goose down". The same amount of our European duck down is at least 4 times the volume of our competitors "Hungarian Goose down". This clearly shows the competitor is not using very good quality filling at all. The photo shows how they lofted after being scrunched into a ball.


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