What are the differences between all the downs?

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What are the differences between all the downs?

Okay so you dont know which down to select. We have so many to choose from, which one is the best and why? Is Polish Goose down better than Hungarian Goose down? All common questions we get asked, so I will try to cover them all here.

Which down you select largely comes down to your budget. Basically the higher the fill power rating the more expensive the down costs. Below is a list of the downs we use, each mention the European fill power rating.

**NEW to our range, EIDERDOWN! Rated 1A

New to our range of downs is the incredible EIDERDOWN. Genuine Icelandic EIDERDOWN. Pure luxury at its absolute finest. Eiderdown is the most incredible down, creating the ultimate sleeping experience. Blissfully light, soft as silk yet ever so warm. There's an otherworldly magic to Eiderdown. We use it to create luxurious bespoke bedding right here in Australia. This down is unfortunately very expensive but if you want the best combined with our Magic Touch German Batiste 380 thread count TE270 then it does come at a cost. I have found it regulates warmth more consistently.

Number 1 down in the world 98-99% White Polish Hand Select XXL Class 1A Mother Goose down 

Wow is all I can say, as mentioned below in the Polish Mother Goose down the way the downs are collected make the difference. The same procedures apply when collecting the downs from the breast only. These downs are then sorted by hand by the staff, only the largest of downs are individually collected from the Polish Mother Goose supply. Polish Mother Goose down is a government regulated supply. It takes months to compile enough hand selected downs to provide us with the supply we get. To give an idea on why these quilts are priced as they are, this down costs us over AU$800 per kg not including customs and some freight costs. It is an extraordinary down, 900 Fill Power, 1000 Turbidity. Simply the very best you can get in the world! This down is also unfortunately very expensive but if you want the best it also comes with our Magic Touch German Batiste 380 thread count TE270 then it does come at a cost.

For more info on this down: https://www.animexdown.com/knowledge-base/XXL

Number 2 down in the world 95% White Polish Mother Goose down

We now have a new Mother Goose down. The Polish Mother Goose down is an exceptionally high quality Class 1A down. Large clusters and very clean, no fibre content at all. In Poland to be able to produce these downs the eggs must be purchased from the Polish Government breading program, if they are not then its not Polish Mother Goose. Animex is a new supplier of downs of ours. We have been extremely excited to now sell this quality of down. Turbidity is at its highest 1000, this means it does not get any cleaner. Animex are also different to others on how downs are collected in that they collect the downs from each part individually, this means the breast area which has the larger down clusters are not blended with other parts of the geese downs, so only the best downs stay with the best downs.

Note: Mother Goose down has a small amount of light brown down. Approximately less than .01% so it is very minor however when they are made into a pillow they can sometimes be seen through the German Batiste TE270 fabric. The TE270 fabric is slightly translucent therefore any slight variance of down colour can be noticed.

For more information: https://www.animexdown.com/knowledge-base

Number 3 down in the world: 95-98% Altai Snow Goose Down

The best we have and recognised as one of the best in the world is the Class 1 Altai Snow Goose down. It is the best due to the large clusters of down and the very high fill power of 900 the highest of any commercially available down recorded in the world. It also has a turbidity rating of 1000 so it is as clean as a down can ever get. Farmed from the Altai (Altay) Mountain region, in the Southern parts of the Siberian region. Large clusters retain warmth better so less filling is needed to create warmth, this makes a much lighter quilt. Supreme Quilts are the only company in Australia that has this filling. We only use this down with our German Batiste Egyptian cotton 380 Thread count TE270 to create the best you can get

Number 4 down in the world: 95% White Premium Polish Goose Down

Next best is the Class 1 Premium Polish Goose down, it has a fill power of 850 which is also very high. To me it is a clean filling, by this I mean the down clusters are large and predominant. Visually it does not look too different to the Snow Goose down, so if you need to peg the budget back a bit, go with this one.

Equal Number 5 down in the world: 95% European Duck down

Called TOP TOP duck down this is arguably the best Class 1 white European duck downs available, a 95% duck down 700 fill power. Its a nice clean Class 1 down with medium to large down clusters

Another equal number 5 on our list of downs is the 90% White Polish Goose down.

The 90% white Polish Goose down has a fill power of 700 as well. Its the replacement for what we used to sell in the 90% Hungarian. The Polish Goose downs are a much cleaner down, it doesnt have the fibre component that the Hungarian Goose downs have.

**UPDATE: Do not buy Hungarian Goose down from anywhere.

Anyone thinking about buying a Hungarian Goose down quilt from any Australian Manufacturer, or Made in China or made in Denmark product or similar to stay well away from this product. Hungarian Goose downs imported from November 2021 are rubbish. It will no longer be classed 1 or even class 2 down. 

What is now being sold from Hungary or as Hungarian Goose down has 30% duck down added to it, and as if that wasnt bad enough they are also now adding USED downs blended into it. USED downs!! 

Given the Covid situation you would think it would be the last thing that should be in your quilt. USED downs. These used downs are usually full of fibre, broken damaged 2nd hand downs, the sale of used downs in what are sold as new quilts or pillows in Australia to the best of my knowledge is ILLEGAL

Supreme Quilts has no interest in selling "Hungarian Goose down" anymore. Thankfully what little we have was purchased prior to this practice. Our 90% has only days until its sold out.


Hungarian Goose downs imported from November 2021 are immature, the geese are bred for only 4-6 weeks, so the quality is very poor. Cheap Chinese Duck down is added, again poor quality then finally they add USED downs and blend that in. So if you buy from these manufacturers you will be buying poor quality rubbish. Dont waste your money.

Any one still selling Hungarian Goose down products from May 2022 we will call out. If they say its Class 1 you know they are completely lying and ripping you off!

Other downs:

Other duck downs that we blend like the 80%, 70%, 50%, 30% The fill power for each these starts at 600 in the 80% Polish Goose down and scale down from there.

All of our downs are sourced from the best producing farms in Europe and. All the fillings are a "green" auxiliary product, NO live plucking. Even the spring water used for washing is recycled which even extends as far as composting. All downs come with traceability and come with Veterinary Health Certificate. They all come from IDFL, IDFB and EDFA certified Class 1 EN12934 Downpass DIN CERTCO Certified, RDS and Traumpass certified suppliers. These certifications come with the strictest compliance standards, random inspections and guarantee the protection of Animals kept for Farming Purposes concerning correct animal husbandry.

We are the only company in Australia that has this large range of downs to make our quilts, pillows and toppers all made right here in Adelaide Australia.


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