Shrinkflation annoyingly is everywhere

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Shrinkflation annoyingly is everywhere

Heard of "shrinkflation"? For those that dont know what it is, its when a company gives you less for the same price.

eg. The latest is Weetbix which had the 1.2kg box that is now reduced to 1.12kg selling for the same price. Rather than lift the price the reduce what you get.

Another example is Cadbury chocolate blocks used to have 250 grams, then 200 grams now 180 grams but they still sell them for the same price. What I personally find annoying about this is they still suggest they have a glass and a half of full cream dairy milk in them. How is this possible, the ads where always a glass and half for a 250 grams block, now its 180 grams. I did actually ask them about this and the Cadbury rep told me its to do with the recipe, no its not, it was always about each block. Very misleading and you might find you need to buy more blocks to end up with the same amount of chocolate, so you end up spending more.

Anyway unfortunately its the same situation with many quilt manufacturers. We have noticed some are now selling down quilts that might have had 1000 grams of down in the to make a 4 blanket warmth queen size quilt now has ONLY 880 grams. They still sell them for the same price but reduced the fill amount by more than 10%.

The same seller (Danish Eiderdowns, aka Feather Factory, aka Alpinedownquiltsandpillows (ebay)) has the super king that would usually have 1540 grams of down now has ONLY 1150 grams!! Thats 25% less than what it used to have and should have. Yet it sells for the same price.

ADAIRS are selling a 50% Silver Goose down (under our name might I add as a Supreme Quilt, so passing off, they might want to consider a name change?). The 50% down quilt in a king size only has 1240 grams (20% less fill than ours) currently selling for $370!!. Our king size in the 50% European Goose down has 1560 grams and is only $289. Also I'll throw in that ours are made by me here in Adelaide SA not like Adairs which are made in China!

Vogue Living voted the Adairs best quilt 2022, clearly Vogue Living has never actually looked into down quilts much or if any at all. If it was included in our range of quilts it would be the worst by a long, long way.

Please note we DO NOT supply Adairs or any other store with our quilts.

They are not the only company doing this, to check on this look at the fill weights used in the products and look at the fill weights in ours.

Whats more. These companies still will claim the same blanket warmth, just like Cadbury's. They'll claim it to be a 4 blanket but with 10 or even 25% less filling. How can it still be a 4 blanket warmth quilt if they put 25% less filling in it? Shrinkflation!

So when you shop around please think about this. Unfortunately its happening with so many products and its happening in quilts as well.

Why are they doing this? Well I suspect they think you wont notice, I do also suspect that should you buy from one of these companies you would be very disappointed, it will be much flatter and far less warm than you expect and paid for. The other reason I suspect is that the price of Goose and Duck downs keeps increasing. Downs that once cost around AU$80 per kg are now closer to AU$150 per kg.

Now they are also likely to be buying lower quality downs to also offset the price increase, so to sum it up, you are getting less filling, less warm and lower quality from these companies.

We refuse to reduce what you get and pay for. In fact we have progressed further in buying even better quality downs. You pay slightly more now and it will save you later, you wont need to buy more quilts like the Cadbury chocolate block analogy.

If you buy from Supreme Quilts you'll buy one now, get what you should and it will last years and years and do what you expect. Yes they might cost a little more but we use higher quality downs and higher quality downs unfortunately do cost more.

*prices correct at time of editing.



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