Update on misleading documents from a Melbourne quilt manufacturer. 14/03/2023

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Update on misleading documents from a Melbourne quilt manufacturer. 14/03/2023

Nothing here has changed. The latest on the misleading documents from Danish Eiderdowns aka Feather Factory etc. is this.

They still have not been willing to show to us or their customers a correct Australian Customs required Vet Health Certificate. Its 5 years on since we pushed them on this issue. We do random checks on this. They still use downs imported from China.

They also dont mention the fabric quality eg thread count. They have recently copied our "super soft" option. This is in text only of course because the super soft we use comes from Germany. They dont have a super soft option, all of their cases are made in China. They are not a very high quality product based on what we have seen over time. They infact dont last very long at all. They are usually too small and the internal channels or baffles break, this means the filling will move all over, they are of poor quality.

Previously: Peter Kohl sent a clear message to Danish Eiderdowns to remove the link to Peter Kohl as well as the removal of the Vet Health Certificate that has been used for the past 8 months.

In our email correspondences, Jurgen Sandvoss outlined the use of the Peter Kohl website link and the use of the Vet Health Certificate supplied to Danish Eiderdowns for the 10kg sample supplied was unethical and should never have been used.

Danish Eiderdowns has now removed this link and Vet Health Certificate from their websites.

So now we have come full circle in our efforts to have them fess up, admit and remove the misleading products from sale. They still have NO current and correct Vet Health Certificate. They still CANNOT prove the product they claim to sell. For years we have pressed this issue and nothing has changed with them.

Again I will make it very clear about their products. When they say "We do not manufacture in CIS (Chinese Industrial Standards) down fillings." This means the standard is not Chinese, it does not mean the filling is not Chinese. It has become very clear, the downs they sell are imported from China and history shows they have always supplied JIS (Japanese Industry Standard) or FTC (Federal Trade Commission). Lets just assume they do sell European Standard downs (although no documents they have supplied thus far proves this) its still down supplied from CHINA!!

Being a member of the IDFB does not make any difference to what they sell, it does not bare any connection to the Vet Health Certificate requirement. Being an IDFL member is a bit like having a gym membership, it doesn't mean you go to the gym. I could have a license to drive and still not drive. IDFB membership means absolutely nothing, its just a smoke screen designed to attempt the attention away from their lies. 

Here we are a few years later and still them issues where they still wont provide an Australian Government required Vet Health Certificate. It still is coming from China!

They also claim in the title of the Polish Goose down quilts an 800 fill power rating yet in the listing details it is 650 - 800. Which is it? 650 fill power rating is vastly different to 800!

Now a number of manufacturers are in discussion over this matter, a number of manufacturers are also in discussion with the ACCC, and Consumer and Business Services SA. The discussions involve the misleading and deceptive conduct of Danish Eiderdowns.

They might want to fess up, come clean or at least revise the information and product the claim to reflect what they actual sell.

Perhaps while they are at it they could work out how long they have been in business for. There are so many different numbers. Est 1972, then say they have been in business for 42 years, 45 years, 50 years and 25 years, which one is it?

At the end of the day you cannot trust this company!

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