What is the right pillow density for me?

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What is the right pillow density for me?

What is the right pillow density for me?

When considering buying a pillow there are a few things to consider.

There is the filling type, plenty to choose from. The choice might usually come down to the budget. Any of our 90 and 95% downs are excellent, fluffy and long lasting, they feel soft to touch and wont leak feathers out of them at all.

So once you have thought which down you might go with its now time to consider what density level will be best suited.

We have LOW or SOFT, MEDIUM and FIRM density.

SOFT or LOW density: These are usually best for smaller framed people, kids or stomach sleepers. It is designed and filled to be the right level to create the best solution and comfort for that purpose.

MEDIUM density: This is the most common level for most people. It usually is the best starting point for most. If you are a back or side sleeper this is going to be most ideal for you. Some stomach sleepers might find this is also okay for them as well.

FIRM density: Most people will find these are way too firm for them. Firm pillows a re more ideal for a larger framed person, someone that might be 6'6" and broad shouldered. It is highly unlikely that a smaller framed person will find this comfortable. 

The advantage in buying a pillow from us is that if it isnt quite right you can send it back into us to have some filling removed or added to create the right level for you. Postage costs apply as well as some additional cost if filling is added. We cannot refund on a used pillow (just as we cant with a quilt) but you can buy from us safe in the knowledge that we can adjust it for you.


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