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Luxurious Comfort Upgrade: My Experience with SupremeQuilts’ Goose Down Pillows and Mattress Topper

I recently purchased two pillows and a queen mattress topper from Both the pillows and the topper are made with 95% premium mother goose down, and they are incredibly comfortable. I got one firm and one medium pillow, and both are the softest I’ve ever had. I can use either one and find it perfect for my needs.

The mattress topper is just as luxurious as the pillows. It feels like my entire body is now resting on fluffy clouds. The topper is thick and substantial, unlike the thin, almost worthless toppers you often find in stores. It provides a soft, cloud-like feeling without compromising the support of my Simmons mattress.

Since I started using these products, my sleep quality has improved dramatically. The pillows and topper are the cherry on top of my already excellent mattress. I fall asleep almost instantly and wake up feeling refreshed.

A week ago, I received the two pillows from SupremeQuilts—one firm and one medium, both filled with 95% goose down. They cost around $400 USD each. I was looking for that “cloud” feeling in a pillow, and these definitely deliver.

The firm pillow is perfect for side sleeping, providing excellent support. The medium pillow is more versatile and customizable, making it ideal for activities like watching TV. My girlfriend prefers the firm pillow, while I use the medium one. The pillows maintain their shape without getting lumpy, and they return to their original fluffiness effortlessly. I’m so pleased with them that I decided to order the same material for a mattress topper.

These down products are different from older feather pillows. They don’t have feathers poking out, and they maintain an even softness throughout. I believe these pillows will last much longer than cheaper alternatives. They bounce back to their original shape effortlessly, no matter how much they’re used. I feel as though I could run these pillows over with my car 100 times, throw them back in the pillowcase, and they would feel and look the same as brand new.

I don’t experience any pain or discomfort while using these pillows. I used to toss and turn a lot, but now I sleep soundly through the night. The even softness of the down provides excellent support, similar to a deflating airbed that adjusts evenly to pressure.

I have shoulder issues, but these pillows don’t aggravate them. My girlfriend has commented on how I sleep differently now. I used to be a 100% side sleeper, but now sometimes I sleep on my back with my arms crossed, which she finds a bit creepy. Regardless of my sleeping position, I wake up in the same position I fell asleep in, without tossing and turning.

I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of the mattress topper. It’s made from the same materials as the pillows, and if it’s anything like the pillows, it’s going to be amazing. The topper will provide that same soft, even support for my entire body. I believe the longevity of the down in the topper will be much longer-lasting than cheaper foam or feather toppers.

I contacted SupremeQuilts to inquire about a custom fill density between the medium and firm pillows. They responded positively, saying it wouldn’t be a problem. This customization option ensures I can get the perfect pillow for my needs.

In conclusion, these down products from SupremeQuilts have significantly improved my sleep quality. I’m thrilled with my purchases and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a luxurious, comfortable sleep experience. My girlfriend might think I’m crazy for spending so much on pillows, but for me, the investment in quality sleep is absolutely worth it. I will definitely be buying more from SupremeQuilts in the future.

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