Warmth without weight

Posted by Frank Bekas on

If you are looking for an alternative to wool or synthetic quilt and blankets then feather down is the answer. Very popular in Europe, and often known as continental quilts, a feather and down quilt provides alternate warm levels and warmth without out weight.

The higher the percentage of down, the lighter and softer the quilt, providing an excellent warmth level equivalent up to 4 or more blankets worth. Feather and down quilts are made in channel, box or dimpled outer quality japara casings and are easy to care for.

Channel quilts tend to be the most popular casing style. As the feather and down becomes pushed to the foot end of the quilt, the channel quilt can be given a hearty shake, lofting the filling so it can be spread evening in the channels from head to toe. For a quick fix, simply place the foot end of the quilt to the pillow (head) of the bed and over a few nights the filling will again push down along the channels.

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