More misleading documents from a Melbourne down quilts and plllows manufacturer

Posted by Shane Grimwade on
More misleading documents from a Melbourne down quilts and plllows manufacturer

We have darkened their Vet Health Certificate image to highlight the white out they have used to hide the amount of down they imported. If transparency is what they are attempting to show then they have fail terribly.

We have had confirmation that the amount they imported was only 10kg of Hungarian Goose Down. We suspect the reason they imported this small amount was purely to use the Vet Health Certificate to lay claim for all of their sales of Hungarian Goose down. This small amount of down would only make around 7-8 queen size quilts.

They state on page 2 of the document that the certificate relates to 1 container/part container when all it was is mere 10 kgs or 1 box or 1/100th of a container.

They have also tried the same approach with their Polish Goose down products, where the Vet Health Certificate makes no mention that it is Polish Goose down.

This Melbourne manufacturer is deliberately misleading consumers, its deceptive conduct. They are liars, simple.We urge consumers to not buy their products because you simply will not get what you have paid for.



Now if you sell 200 Hungarian Goose down quilts you will have needed around 200 kgs not 10 kgs. It simply doesnt add up and smells of a cover up to get away with selling what the evidence suggests to be Chinese imported downs. 

Our Vet Health Certificate below is the correct documentation required by Australian Customs. If a company tries to pass off a Vet Health certificate that doesnt show the specifics mentioned above dont buy it, you will not get the quilt or pillow you expected, simple.

 This is one our Vet Health Certificates, it clearly shows:

(1) Our document shows exactly what downs have been imported.

(2) Our document shows our importers address, an Australian address which shows it was imported directly from Germany into Australia, not via China! Just as importantly the downs were processed in Germany not China!

(3) Our document shows the temperature and time used to sterilise the feather and down, vital for Australian Customs.

(4) Our document has been appropriately stamped and signed off by the Veterinarian. This is also a strict Australian Customs requirement.

(5) Our document shows one of the last containers had approx 1070 kilos a suitable amount to fill a container without damaging the downs. We have around 4 containers of around 1000 kilos arrive each year, every shipment must have the right documents.


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