More misleading documents from a Melbourne down quilts and plllows manufacturer

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More misleading documents from a Melbourne down quilts and plllows manufacturer

Lets make this clear. When the Feather Factory/Danish Eiderdowns or their eBay names alpinedownquiltsandpillows or downquilts (they sure have alot of names!) say they do not manufacture Chinese Industry standard downs, that is actually an obvious statement. You can't manufacture or sell Chinese Industry Standard (CIS) downs in Australia, it must be at a minimum the Australian Industry Standard (AIS).

Now Chinese Industry Standard (CIS) doesnt mean its not Chinese imported down. Chinese downs can be imported as European, Australian or Japanese Standard etc. So when they say they dont manufacture CIS means they still import from China but something other than CIS. Now it might be European Standard but its imported from China.

This Feather Factory has tried for so long to pass of a Vet Health Certificate that is a Chinese issued certificate. The mere fact that after more than 18 months now they are still unable to produce a current and correct Australian import Vet Health certificate highlights the deliberate misleading methods they use to sell their products.

They got called out, pushed if you like by us to produce a Vet health certificate to prove they have the product they say they sell. They argued for so long that they didnt need to, that they had everything in order, clearly they never did.

They eventually provided a certificate, it was a certificate that was missing vital information that is required by Australian Customs and Australian Quarantine.

The most basic missing information was the Australian address the downs were apparently being imported to, it appears it was actually imported into China. The date of issue, its from 2016!!

The amount of feather and down was compressed into large bales which will have damaged the down, once damaged the fill power is compromised, the fill power ratings they claim must be false.

The 15000 kilos of "feather and down" would have needed to be processed, there is no processing facility in Australia so where did it go, China, no question.

We called them out on this and again they reacted by trying to mislead consumers with a certificate from Peter Kohl.

Now this certificate from Peter Kohl was proven to have only 10 kg of Hungarian Goose down on it and only 10 kg of White European Goose down which they claimed to be Polish Goose down. This was confirmed in writing by Jurgen at Peter Kohl.

In a statement made by Jurgen at Peter Kohl he tells us it is "SHAMELESS BEHAVIOR" that the Feather Factory is making product claims based on such a small quantity purchased from them. We along with Sleeptex and Dyne totally agree, they are a disgrace to the industry!

It was estimated the sales from one of their eBay stores alone that 50 kg of product was sold from this 10 kg bag in the 3 months into December 2018. From 10 kg they made 50 kg of product, see how the math doesnt add up! In fact they are still using the same 10 kg order over 6 months later, seriously!

So why did they get only 10 kg of actual Hungarian Goose down from Peter Kohl? What they figured was no-one would notice they crossed out the amount they imported on the certificate, but I did. Why use white out over the amount imported, after all it was supposed to be a "transparency document", its not transparent if its hidden. (highlighted on the featured image and below) They figured if no-one knew they could use this Vet Health Certificate for all future purchases and get away with it.

We have darkened their Vet Health Certificate image to highlight the white out they have used to hide the amount of down they imported. If transparency is what they are attempting to show then they have fail terribly.

They state on page 2 of the document that the certificate relates to 1 container/part container when all it was is mere 10 kgs or 1 box or what would be 1/100th of a container.

They are now also using the same approach with their Polish Goose down products, where the Vet Health Certificate makes no mention that it is Polish Goose down.

This Melbourne manufacturer is deliberately misleading consumers, its deceptive conduct. They are liars, simple. We urge consumers to not buy their products because you simply will not get what you have paid for. This information is still relevant today as it was back 5 years ago. This information is still correct as of 14/3/2023.

**UPDATE 14/03/2023

We do see that other sellers that either dont provide a Vet Health Certificate OR they use a very old certificate. One manufacture claims to sell Polish Goose down and uses the "verification" from a certificate from 2019! Its over 4 years ago, show us a recent certificate not an old one from way back. If these sellers and manufacturers wont provide clear authentication we will call them out.

See our most recent Vet Health Certificate at the bottom of this page.



Now if you sell 200 Hungarian Goose down quilts you will have needed around 200 kgs not 10 kgs. It simply doesn't add up and smells of a cover up to get away with selling what the evidence suggests to be Chinese imported downs. 

So what is their argument now, we're being misleading?? They removed all subsequent documents from their eBay listings and have gone back to where they started by saying we have the correct documents etc. etc. but not actually show them because, well, they don't have them.

They show the same old misleading documents on their website because this cant be mentioned on eBay. Well we'll keep pushing the issue, because we know that by allowing them to get away with this means consumers that buy from them will not get what they paid for.

Our Vet Health Certificate below is the correct documentation required by Australian Customs. If a company tries to pass off a Vet Health certificate that doesn't show the specifics mentioned above don't buy it, you will not get the quilt or pillow you expected, simple.

 This is one our Vet Health Certificates, it clearly shows:

(1) Our document shows exactly what downs have been imported.

(2) Our document shows our importers address, an Australian address which shows it was imported directly from Germany into Australia, not via China! Just as importantly the downs were processed in Germany not China!

(3) Our document shows the temperature and time used to sterilise the feather and down, vital for Australian Customs.

(4) Our document has been appropriately stamped and signed off by the Veterinarian. This is also a strict Australian Customs requirement.

(5) Our document shows one of the last containers had approx 1070 kilos a suitable amount to fill a container without damaging the downs. We have around 4 containers of around 1000 kilos arrive each year, every shipment must have the right documents.


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