Altai Snow Goose down, it is real and fantastic!

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Altai Snow Goose down, it is real and fantastic!

After constant questions raised about Snow Goose down we had to take some action. 

The rubbish that has come from the website of Pulmeriabay Canada had become increasingly frustrating with the need to constantly explain what they say is completely false and misleading.


  • Most Siberian down Goose or duck is Chinese down branded Siberian infact approximately 90%.
  • Snow Goose down DOES NOT come from the endangered and protected Siberian Goose which are mostly black, our filling is white!
  • Snow Goose down DOES NOT originate from the Arctic regions as suggested by Adairs.
  • Altai Snow Goose down is only available in Australia at Supreme Quilts and its two eBay stores bargainquilts and Supreme_Quilts
  • Almost all other sellers of Siberian Goose down or Siberian duck down comes from China, its Chinese down!
  • We can prove our supply of not only Altai Snow Goose down is real but all of our other fillings are also sourced from where we claim. No other seller is willing to provide the documentation to prove what they say they sell is what they will actually provide you with.
  • We can provide the Isotope results conducted by the IDFL which clearly proves the Snow Goose down.
  • Altai Snow Goose down comes from free range farms located near the Altai (Altay) Mountain range in the Southern Siberia region. Google Altai Mountains!
  • Anyone that tells you it is non existent they only prove they know very little about the world supply of Goose down.
  • Altai Snow Goose down has one of the highest recorded fill power ratings of any Goose down in the world at 850-900. European fill power rating or approx 980 USA fill power rating.
  • Altai Snow Goose down is processed at ARO-Artlanders processing facility, it then has to travel around 7000 kilometres to Kettenkamp Germany for final processing, this and its exclusivity is why it cost more than any other Goose down.
  • Aro Artlander Germany are the only importers of this down. Supreme Quilts are the only Australian importers of this down..
  • If you want one the best Goose down in the world this is it, if you want the best quilts in the world select our Snow Goose down ultra light quilts with the German Batiste it creates a very light, fluffy and the very best you can get.

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