Baffle Boxed Queen Size Quilt/Doona 10% European Duck Down/90% European Duck Feather 4 Blanket Warmth Sale

Super King Size Quilt Baffle Boxed Cosi-San European Synthetic Ball Fibre 4 Blanket Warmth


$259.00 $289.00
  • Why are CosySan® fiber balls better than "normal" fiber spheres? CosySan® - is the high-tech hollow fiber ball for restful sleep. The snowflake-soft 4-hole fiber balls (4-hole 3D) offer a super moisture exchange (up to 4 times more than 1-hole fiber balls) and a very great breathing activity.
  • CosySan® sleep comfort means improved heat and humidity regulation, maximum dimensional stability and an extremely high cuddling factor
  • 1960 Grams
  • 4 Blanket Warmth
  • 133 X 100 40/40 Down Proof 100% Cotton Japara
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Double Needle Stitched
  • Machine Washable
  • Australian Made
  • 270 Cm Wide X 240 Cm Long
  • This quilt is ideal for night temperatures between 5 to 20 degrees.