*****Global Supply Delays. Huge Demand. Ordering in advance and special discount offers. Please check this page before ordering.*****


As of 11pm Wednesday the 25th of May all orders of white downs consisting of:

90% White Polish Goose down, 95% Hungarian Mother Goose down and 90% Ukrainian Goose downs as well as the 90% Silver Polish Goose downs are almost out of stock. This means any orders placed from the time and date above will NOT be delivered until MID JULY. ALL of these products can still be purchased but wont be dispatched until mid July.

The 95% Premium Polish Goose down, 95% White Duck down and Snow Goose down are all currently out of stock (other than a few super king boxed in the 95% Premium Polish which we have a few in various warmth ratings)

So as always when we face these global shipping delays we set up a discount code which shows to us that you know there will be a delay and you are happy to wait.

Our online store will operate and take orders as usual but please keep in mind ALL orders of the white downs mentioned above wont be processed until approximately the 10th-12th of July.

From 11pm Wednesday the 25th of May the following discount codes can be used

For purchase totals less than $400 and a 6% discount, enter the code: Happy to wait 10

For purchase totals $400 or more and a 10% discount, enter the code: Happy to wait 14

At the checkout page enter the correct codes and click enter, this will take the discount amount off the cart total. The discounts come off the prices we have in red.

The only downs we DO have available for immediate delivery are the 90% Muskovy Duck down and the 50% white Goose down. You can still get the appropriate discount for these products. Please also note the king channel quilts in these downs are unavailable until around the 6th of July.

The situation is where shipping from Germany or Poland usually takes around 45 days to arrive into Adelaide they are currently taking around 120 days. Huge demand on downs along with shortages created by Russia means the downs that are available are costing more. Now is the best time to buy even if there is a wait because it is expected come September the cost of most downs may well go up by 50%!

We have 2 containers on the way, the 1st is now due into Port Adelaide on the 2nd of July, factoring in Australian Customs and Quarantine inspection means we will likely have them in our warehouse around the 10th or 12th of July. So please make use of the discounts if you are able and happy to wait.

These discounts will be rolling discounts which means as time progresses the discount offer will reduce slightly. Each 2 weeks the discounts reduce by 2%. The next reduction date will be the 29th of June.

The discounts and terms of these discounts end midnight ACST Monday the 18th of July 2022.

If you dont want to wait until mid July for the white downs mentioned above then sorry I can not help you. Please do not order if you can not wait.

If you have any uncertainty on what is available for immediate delivery please email us or phone me on 08 8271 8586 on Thursday, Friday or Saturday 10am to midday only.

Sorry its the best we can do under the continuing frustrating circumstances, seems like it never ends. I do really appreciate the support our customers have given us and can assure you if you are happy to wait you will be happy you did.