At the checkout stage enter the code: Happy to wait 10

Enter this in the discount code box and click apply.

This will take 10% off any of our products.

Given we are now is short supply and are waiting on 2 more containers of European downs to arrive we have decided to provide this discount for those happy to wait the now 3 weeks for these containers to arrive. (APPROX THE 10TH OF FEBRUARY)+ 1 week for customs and quarantine clearance.

Applying this code indicates to us you are aware of the short supply and don't mind waiting an extra 3 weeks for your order to be processed. Especially if it is a Winter quilt you are purchasing.

We do have limited stock, its just getting low, so if you do need it sooner AND IF WE HAVE IT IN STOCK we will still process the order straight away. Stock is very limited until the next shipments arrive. Any full priced purchases made is no guarantee of instant supply.

What we do have in stock is: Siberian Snow Goose down, Premium Polish Goose down, the 95% Duck down, Hungarian Mother Goose down, Ukrainian Goose down.

What we dont have in stock is: the 90 White Polish Goose down or Silver Polish Goose down. We do have some king and Super king Muskovy duck down boxed quilts but not many. 

Any Cosi-down products wont be available until around the beginning to middle of March.

If you are unsure on what is available and when you can contact us on 08 8271 8586 Thursday, Friday or Saturday 10am to midday only.

**UPDATE 26th Jan**  Shipment has been tracked and as of the 26th it is off the coast of Broome WA heading towards Fremantle then onto us in Adelaide expected now on the 10th of Feb. With customs and quarantine clearance we will likely have it in our warehouse on the 17th of Feb.

We have some fantastic Polish Goose downs coming, along with our regular high quality White Duck down and Muskovy Duck down, not to mention the Altai Siberian Snow Goose down.

This special ends midnight on the 7th of February 2022.

**maybe extended if the shipment delay is longer.

Polish Goose downs are fast becoming the most trust worthy downs available.

Polish Goose down will be the go to down moving forward taking over from Hungarian Goose downs due to Hungarian Goose down quality becoming a low or poor quality down supply.

See our latest blog about what is happening with Hungarian Goose down.