Supreme Quilts Goes Global!

Posted by Frank Bekas on

Supreme Quilts is set to go more global. Supreme Quilts though our eBay store have sold quilts, toppers and pillows to countries like the USA, UK, Germany,Japan, New Zealand, Thailand, Maldives, Canada just to name a few.

We have been approached to now supply to the Chinese market, which is a little like selling ice to the Eskimos as they say. The news is very exciting for us,while the orders will start small initially they are expected to grow enormously over time.

The Chinese buyer expects sales to be in the thousands each year, they love the product as we make our quilts right here in Adelaide, its what the Chinese middle class now want, high quality products like our Hungarian Goose down andPolish Goose down ultra light quilts. It is certainly going to keep us busier during our quieter summer time while it is freezing cold in the greater part ofChina.

We'll keep you updated on our success in this market on our Facebook page.While I mention our Facebook page we also provide special deals and offers only available through our Facebook page, so look us up and add us."

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