New to our range, Cosi-San ® and Cosi-Down Quilts and Pillows

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New to our range, Cosi-San ® and Cosi-Down Quilts and Pillows

Supreme Quilts has recently introduced a new range to our already ever growing inventory, continuing our expansion as Australia's largest down quilt and pillow manufacturer.

Cosi-San® is a European engineered and manufactured synthetic fibre. It is a 4 hole ball fibre which is the only one of its type in the world.

Why are Cosi-San fibre balls better than "normal" fibre spheres? Cosi-San is a high-tech hollow fibre, the snowflake soft 4 hole fibre balls offer a super moisture exchange (upto 4 times more than single hole fibre balls), this allows for excellent breathing activity. A better breathing fibre like Cosi-San wont cause the moisture build up which make you feel hot and sweaty like other synthetic quilts and pillows do.

Cosi-San is a synthetic ball fibre which is genuinely the closest synthetic fibre to down clusters. It is far more resilient than other synthetic fibre which means it wont flatten like other synthetics.

We have the Cosi-San currently available in all quilt and pillow sizes.

COMING SOON is Cosi-down. This a special blend Supreme Quilts has created. This blend will start off using the 95% Hungarian Goose down. The blend will consist of 95% Hungarian Goose down (70%) and Cosi-down (30%).

Our test results show the blend not only makes no difference to the weight of the quilts but it makes it just as fluffy and full. The fill weights dont change so we are able to create the same warmth from the same fill weight that using down alone creates.

Our test results also have proven a better washing and drying product. Cosi-San can be washed over and over as high as 60 degrees, and dried over and over without ever shrinking.

What we found is this blend allows for a faster drying quilt and pillow. Test results showed that a pillow could be dried in approximately 1 hour where a down only pillow will take 2-3 hours and in some cases longer. I honestly did not expect this result so I am really impressed, which says alot because I have never been a big fan of synthetic fibres but Cosi-San I have to say is brilliant.

A faster drying quilt or pillow is perfect for families that might find they need to wash a quilt or pillow more often, perhaps because of accidents and bed wetting.  


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