New Products August 2014

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Supreme Quilts have a number of new products, expanding our range. We have a new supplier of feather and downs, new fabrics and new to Australia, Tencel.

We already have some fantastic goose downs out of Germany produced on farms in Eastern Europe with another supplier from the Czech Republic also sourcing some fantastic downs from other parts of Eastern Europe as well as Hungary and Poland.

Supreme Quilts with out a doubt has the largest and highest quality goose downs range not only in Australia but possibly the world. We already have the highest tested Goose down in the world in the Siberian Snow Goose down sourced from the Ukraine regions the closest farms to the Siberian region. This fill power is currently rated at a massive 830 this is by far the best we have ever seen, coming from only one supplier Artlander of Germany. Siberian Snow Goose down® is not to be confused with the vastly inferior Siberian Goose down which a Chinese branding name used for Chinese Goose downs which have a much smaller down cluster along with a much lower fill power.

We also have 95% Pilsener Hand Select down and Ukrainian Goose down as well as the high quality Siberian Duck down.

Coming out from the Czech Republic we have the highest quality Polish Goose down in the world, with a genuine fill power of 800. The latest high quality Mulard Duck down from France, as far as a duck down goes its by far the best we have seen. Rated with a 650 fill power its hard to believe its not much higher. Duck downs usually have a smaller down cluster, our Mulard Duck down has a down cluster similar in size to our Goose downs. Large down clusters create a lighter and fluffier quilt.

With the farce we have learnt about most Hungarian Goose downs sold in Australia we thankfully have a genuine 90% Hungarian Goose down. What has happened in past few years is this. Due to the last outbreak of Bird flu in China the Chinese had virtually no downs to process, this meant the European market was hit hard causing prices to spiral. Today the Chinese have secured much of the Hungarian Goose downs once known as the best in the world, to this, they legally add upto 30% content, Chinese duck down. This vastly changes the quality of the "Hungarian Goose down" from what questionably was a 750-800 fill power to something like 600-650 fill power. It is still good quality but not the once best. Quilts sold in Australia with the Hungarian Goose down label (mainly on eBay) wont have the claimed 800 fill power. We tested some products from one manufacturer in Melbourne who claim to have a fill power of 750 as well as 800 elsewhere (depending on where you shopped). In my opinion its fill power is 650 at best with the small down cluster the big give-away. The prices these quilts are sold for are also a give-away. Genuine Hungarian Goose down costs around $150 per kilo, the Chinese blended Hungarian Goose downs cost around $100 per kilo. Compare this to the Polish Goose down which costs us around $200 per kilo and you start to get an understanding as to why the so called "800 fill power Hungarian Goose down" quilts sell for far less than what you would think or what they should.

With these new highest of quality downs Supreme Quilts aims to continue to sell the best quilts in Australia at the best prices in Australia.

Tencel® is another new and amazing product which can be blended to down to help repel moisture and creates a better breathing quilt or pillow, more on that in our next blog. We also have coming soon some new fabrics, Tencel Cupro Austrian Batiste, 100% Tencel Austrian Batiste and a 280 thread count cotton japara which is lighter and softer than the commonly used 233TC 40x40 cotton japara.

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